Project Description

Project brief

Novaxent transforms technically demanding innovations into marketable solutions. frank berry was mandated to create the branding as well as the content such as the tagline, vision and mission statement. In order to make a solid appearance in the market, frank berry created the website and the stationary around the brand.


  • Creation of tagline, vision and mission statement
  • Creation of logo, colour palette and typography
  • Establishing and implementation of visual communication
  • Website in English and German
  • Power Point Master Slides
  • Stationary


The logo

At frank berry, every logo tells a story. “Nova” shows the technology aspect of the firm. It brings science ventures to the centre of the brand and it discusses new products that come into the market. “Xent” means to ascent and touches upon the technology ventures which raise. The logo manages to incorporate all aspects of Novaxent: Empowering Technology Innovations.


Novaxents tagline is called “Empowering Technology Innovations” and shows with a few words, what the company is about. With a rich chest full of tools, Novaxent transforms demanding innovations into marketable solutions.

Colour palette

frank berry chose a warm grey for the word “nova” to show a solid and down to earth brand. The warmth in the grey colour is associated with rays; something new and shiny. “Xent” is in a traditional black which shows elegance and focus. As a secondary colour palette we chose a bright orange to set accents.

Mood board