Project Description

Project brief

frank berry was mandated to create a new brand for the law firm “Gübeli und Müller”. It was crucial to the customer to position themselves on the high end and transport their values of discretion, competency and efficiency. The client decided to be in the lead with the content creation and booked a communications training. The website was a core piece of the project which can be seen here:


  • Creation of company values
  • Brand and brand guidelines
  • Logo, colour palette and typography
  • Stationary
  • Business cards
  • Photoshooting
  • Communication training
  • Website in German


The components

For the logo we chose a dark blue to transport the values of trust and reason.
The warm grey symbolises a strong and established business.
The typography is a rather classic one which works well in the industry. It is a timeless and noble font.

Colour palette