Project Description

Project brief

frank berry was mandated to create a brand and brand environment for a company which is specialised in industrial innovation. The new company needed marketing assets such as a logo, stationary and a website and at the core of the project was a set of power point presentations to present the company and its concepts in a lean and modern way.


  • Creation of vision and mission statement
  • Brand and brand guidelines
  • Logo, colour palette and typography
  • Stationary
  • Business cards
  • Power point presentation containing 70 master slides
  • Website in English and German


The logo

We chose a futuristic and light but stable typography. Blue reflects trust and depth whereas the fresh green symbolises activation and innovation.

Duality is an important part of the contcepts lectured by the firm and a core part of the Inn:spire story. It is reflected with the two dots in a fresh colour.

Colour palette


Easy communication tools are essential to communicate in a clear and efficient way.