Make your story count.

It is very easy nowadays to spread news and to get coverage. The challenge lies in being understood and perceived as a trustworthy and sustainable leader in the industry. Only with a solid story, you can unlock the full potential with your stakeholder. frank berry is a marketing and communications agency which delivers strategies and helps to implement them on a daily basis.


About me.

Here you get the extra spark to your marketing! With an outside view on your company I detect blind spots and as I take people as they are I am able to translate a strategy into reality with a big buy in. My great listening skills enable me to identify a problem quickly and come up with a set of solutions to navigate into the future. I will be your immersive marketing power within the organisation. I am a positive thinker, get the best out of people and always see a way out of a situation. Read my blog posts about “What gets me out of bed in the morning” as well as my views on project management.

In my free time I am quite creative: I like to upcycle stuff from the household and painting abstracts relaxes me a lot. I also love to bake and I occasionally watch one or the other baking show on television accompanied with a Pale Ale or a Prosecco #guiltypleasures.

Oh. And I also have a professional career:  I’m an accomplished marketing and communication professional with a track record of devising successful communications and sales strategies, building business pipeline and leading change process. I learned a lot about digital marketing during my years in the vibrant city of London, I got into the field of PR during my stay in Paris. And a true holistic approach I lived at ebeam Technologies where I was the Global Director of Marketing. 

At frank berry,  I am working with an extensive network of professionals and small agencies to match my client’s needs. Get in touch.

Contact me

Let’s have a coffee and discuss how frank berry can help you with your marketing and communications strategy as well as with the implementation! The immersive approach of frank berry is new so let’s have  a chat.

Vision, mission and values.

The world is full of good ideas, great leaders and fantastic products. frank berry helps them to be perceived as the trustworthy ones.

frank berry supports leaders, brands and products to tell their story. Too often their success is blocked because the story is not understood. In being good listeners and curious minds, frank berry delivers tailored and metrics driven communication.

>>> Immersive
We are with you. We work side by side with you, your customer and your employees.

>>> Good listeners
We listen and that’s why we get to the right solution quick.

>>> Curious minds
We ask questions because we are interested in people, their environment and the world.

>>> Data driven
We look into data sets to guide us into the future.