The world is full of good ideas, great leaders and fantastic products. frank berry helps them to come to life and to be perceived as the trustworthy ones.

What our clients say

«I worked with Corinne on several projects. She has a very creative mind and can make a brands value accessible to a broad audience. She manages to strategically position a product and at the same time walk it through operationally. »

Charles Flükiger, CEO of Inn:spire GmbH

«Corinne helped me to position myself in the printing industry. I didn’t have prior experience in the sector but within a year I was approached by customers, partners and the media. With her coaching I stayed present in the relevant networks and handled media inquiries without problems.»

Elsa Callini, Director Global Sales & Key Account Management at ebeam Technologies

«Corinne truly accelerated our go to market time. She understood quickly what our product was about and managed to condense our ideas into a vision and mission statement and first marketing materials.»

Markus Meister, Innovations-Handwerker and VRP at inova solutions AG

frank berry is here to help your business to be perceived as a trustworthy and sustainable leader in the industry.

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