The world is full of good ideas, great leaders and fantastic products. frank berry helps them to come to life and to be perceived as the trustworthy ones.


frank berry supports leaders, brands and products to tell their story. Too often their success is blocked due to miscommunication. In being good listeners and curious minds, frank berry delivers tailored and metrics driven content.


CorinneCEO & Senior Project Lead
Only a good story has the power to convince. Corinne writes these stories and makes them accessible to a broad audience. But today, it is not enough to just talk. It is equally important to walk the talk. With her creative mindset Corinne creates impressive marketing and communication strategies and brings them to life.
LeonardoHead of Digital
With a strong background in digital marketing and sales, Leonardo creates outstanding online experiences which focus on the customer’s needs. There is no day where Leonardo doesn’t discover a new tech gadget. He also believes in data-driven decision making to unlock a brands full potential.

How we work

Immersive approach.

We work with you and your team. We don’t just want to deliver a strategy paper and disappear. You can see us as your extended team.

Good listener.

In being good listeners, we understand your and your customers pain points and are able to propose an action plan without wasting time.

Lean Prototyping.

We are showing you first drafts very early. We don’t lock us up in an isolated room and present you a solution after weeks that might not go into the direction you like.

Data driven.

Whatever we can measure, we do it and support you shaping the future with the collected data.

Years of experience

Why is the company called “frank berry”?

We are here to help your business to be perceived as a trustworthy and sustainable leader in the industry.

Strategic Marketing. Content. Design.

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